Do I Believe in Magic?

Do you Believe in Magic?

I believe in the magic of the human condition. The ability to rise above our environment and move forward to achieve our goals and desires.

This is often seen as almost impossible to do due to the odds stacked against us, but we always try, we continue to persevere even when it all seems dark around us. We continue often against the opinions of others, with them actively trying to dissuade us from our goals.

There are times when we feel that we can’t go on any longer but then something happens to reignite that passion, or even just to give the energy to put one foot in front of the other on a daily basis.

We can often get lost along the way and find ourselves striving for things that have no intrinsic value to ourselves but have value that society has put on them. This is often when we are at our lowest and in the our darkest place, when we can only keep moving forward.

Our goals are what keeps our spark alive, it is that spark which is our magic that can inspire others, which can make others feel cared for and loved. This is magic.

Oh well, I got this really wrong, I should read the instructions far more carefully (which I will obviously do next time), though they could be seen as guidelines and what I’ve written used the title for inspiration.


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