Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight

At the stroke of midnight last night I was sitting in the study with a glass of whisky and a slice of Bannock seeing in the New Year.

This was a pause, I was spending the rest of the evening setting up a new domain to carry this blog and setting up the emails and WordPress software on the site.

My partner had gone to bed much earlier, as she always seems to do on a New Year’s eve, leaving me to see it in alone with a glass of whisky.

This is not where I saw myself being when I was younger, I was always going to be something exciting and possibly even dashing. This never came about as I turned out to be very good at not being exciting and especially not dashing.

It’s not a bad place to be, I mainly enjoy my job and partner, though at times always wonder what if? Though don’t we all?

As I reach fifty I’ve started to explore my life more to see what needs to stay and what needs to be developed, or even cut loose as deadweight. Part of this evaluation is to write more, write anything and honestly express myself.

So not exactly where I would like to be but a work in progress with more honesty and less flights of fancy.


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