Explore the Neighbourhood

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

Todays task was to explore the Reader and the blogging community on WordPress.com.

I had been doing this to a certain extent since joining the network as I’ve found a lot of interesting writing blogs through the daily practice tags alone. This time I was going to strike out and see how diverse the community could get and if there were blogs to keep some of my other interests informed.

First interest was to look to see if there were some Warhammer people out there and The Lost and the Damned was there with their wonderful modelling skills, and it seems to be reasonably frequently updated.

The next idea was to follow a tag, and I chose Panasonic GX1 as that is my main camera for daily work and I always like to see how others are getting on with it.

I also followed the zerotohero tag to see how all the other fresh-faced bloggers were doing and how each of us approached the tasks in a different way.

I also thought the cooking tag should have a lot of good ideas and recipes in it. I wasn’t disappointed as I found CasualFoodie which really does describe me and food.It was well set out with a ton of good recipes in it to explore.

I already really knew that searching through Reader would give me a lot of blogs to read as I follow quite a few already, mainly writing blogs to help with my own writing and because they were interesting in their own right, but it is always nice to look outside the immediate area of interest to keep other interests going.


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