My favourite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from you’re favourite person? Tell us about it.

I would say the most time I’ve spent away from my favourite person would be just over a week. This was over the Christmas and New year on 1999/2000 when she visited her mum in Rome.

I couldn’t travel due to other commitments, mainly ill, elderly cats who needed a bit of TLC and not put into a cattery.

I was fine, even slightly happy to have some time to myself as I never saw Christmas or New Year to be big deals. Christmas Day was relaxed, a few phone calls but otherwise quiet in front of the telly.

I got things done, caught up on some Open University studying, even got some admin jobs done for work. There were long walks, some of them not to the pub, though not many missed out the scenic route 😉

New Year’s Eve was different, the telephone network couldn’t cope with the worldwide demand and we couldn’t contact each other by text either.

This did make me feel distraught as we usually contact each other at least once a day and it felt very strange not having that contact. Cuddling up with the cats helped, but I kept trying until I eventually got through to her at 4am, to find that she was as distraught as I was and had been constantly trying to contact me also.

We started to think about dependency as we had few friends outside us, we lived in an area that wasn’t home really and everyone we considered family and friends was over 200 miles away, we started to nurture friends in the are we lived in so that we wouldn’t be that dependent on each other again.


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