Clean Slate

Clean Slate

“Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?”

I’m sitting in a small room, two walls are lined with books and objects in bookcases. Another wall is all window and on the little bit of wall there is a large tray with lots of little compartments full of objects. The last wall has a table and drawers set against it, above these are pin boards and white boards.

The main feature of the room seems to be the profusion of books, four large bookcases full of books. Art and art history dominate, then social care and outdoor pursuits, especially walking. There is then a profusion of fiction, but a real mix from historical romance to hard sci-fi.

Also on the shelves and in the type tray on the wall are lots of small objects, ephemera from different walks, souvenirs from holidays and gifts from various people.

Looking in the drawers/filing cabinet they are well organised as well. There is also drawers of art materials and sketch books in various degrees of use.

The people who live here are obviously readers and they read a wide selection of books though the focus is on art and the humanities. They also seem quite sentimental as they have lots of keepsakes and mementos. The room is well organised with different sections for each type of books and the boards for organisation of notes and ideas. They seem to practice lots of different arts and crafts and like to push themselves outside their comfort zone and learn new things.

They do seem to enjoy the outdoors as there are lots of books and personal pictures regarding the outdoors and there are collections of pine cones and stones around the shelves, bringing the outside into the house.

The room is also quite comfortable with a small chair for reading in and low lights, though right now during a bright day the sun shines through the room as it is south facing with no obstructions.

A nice room for living in, for people who like books and comfort.


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