Writing vs. Blogging

I started off this year with a great deal of enthusiasm, joining in with the daily blogging tasks from The Daily Post, writing every day as I know that writing every day improves writing style, word count and general confidence in the practice of writing.

That was all fine until a few days ago when I realised I wasn’t writing, I was blogging. The subtle difference is that I was writing for a blogging audience in the WordPress community rather than developing my word crafting skills toward the goal of writing poetry and fiction.

This was fun, I did enjoy the biographical aspect of the writing but was finding that it was pushing out the other forms of writing I was wanting to do. To counter this I wrote a really succinct flash-fiction piece (less than 100 words) to remind myself of the components of storytelling.

I enjoyed this more, and want to spend more time doing this rather than chasing my tail to complete the various daily and weekly tasks that the sites set me.

I will still do some of the prompts at the various sites that I visit but will be far more discerning about the prompts I use and how I fulfil them. More of the prompts will be dealt with using fiction and poetry and less will be biographical and soul-searching.

Hopefully this won’t lose me my audience, but I need to do this for my plans of writing 50,000 words of fiction in November, and more as I develop my writing skills.


5 Comments on “Writing vs. Blogging”

  1. LividFrost says:

    I agree so much! Which is why I’ve got weekly serial stories on my blog just to remind myself that in the end, I’m still a writer and it’s different from blogging.
    Time cane be so hard to juggle…

    • So hard, finishing a BA in Art History at the moment as well as working full- and part-time whilst trying to fit writing into it

      Something had to give πŸ˜‰

      But the decision to concentrate on my own writing has spurred me again rather than letting me get dejected with not being able to complete each prompt

  2. Gene'O says:

    This is a very thoughtful post, and I sympathize. I have a fiction goal of my own for this year, and blogging is distracting me from it at the moment. I don’t mind it at this point, because I love the readers it’s getting me and the blogs I’m finding this way. By spring, though, I know I my writing projects have to be more balanced if I want to meet my goals for this year.

    • Exactly, I’ve gained a lovely group of readers and love reading their blogs, but it is time to get back to why I got into writing this year πŸ™‚

      Doesn’t mean I want to dump everyone or stop occasional prompt blogging and I will post at least once or twice a week, but more focused posts moving toward that goal

      • Gene'O says:

        Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I certainly don’t want to lose touch with my readers, and I’m lucky because I have the help of collaborators to keep the blogs going, but I am very aware of the fact that I need to shift gears soon.

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