Ugo Columbo

Husband Jonathan would not like to see you so pale,

It rises during the closing ceremony,
at the moment when stagecraft fades
and the simplest of uman acts begins.
The athletes walk in.

the emperor’s palace.
A conversation between the author
and a Good Heavens!
Is marriage so demoralizing as that?

That’s it: They walk into some stadium,
as they did again Sunday evening at Vancouver’s B.C.
Place to end the 2010 Winter Games,
and the clearest picture of what the Olympics means emerges.

Young people who have spent the months
serving as civic heroes, national symbols,
stand-ins for millions,
become young again.

Unlike the opening ceremony tradition
of marching in national delegations in strict order,
under a flag, at the closing men and women
who have sweated against each other for weeks

sometimes years, walk out in an easy jumble,
and soon mix, stand and dance
until all national colors and flags become irrelevant.

they were two large slits cut into the top of his middle
Oh, it is hard to think of it, and I cannot understand


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