Real World Intrudes

I’ve been quiet for a week now, no posts, no thoughts, no words.

Two main reasons…

  1. It’s that time of the year again and I had really let my accounts go to pot, didn’t have anything in order or in the correct location. It’s taken me the best part of the week to collect everything in together and file my tax returns before I had to start paying fines, but it is done now and out the way. Rejoice!
  2. The second T.M.A. for my Open University course, AA315, is due on Thursday coming. So whilst panicking about my tax return I was also catching up with reading and making notes for the assignment. This gave me an excuse to fire up Scrivener and use it as a note taking machine, holding my references and any images I was going to refer to. I have also set it up to write the assignments. Now just to finish them.

I’ve also decided that the main thing I’m going to take from the Zero to Hero challenge is that I should schedule at least one post a week. This post will be a Sunday Roundup, a look at the week past, what I’ve been reading, writing and doing.

So more writing and a better round up on Sunday.


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