Some advice (again)

Some advice from Janet Evanovich:

Write something every day, even if it means getting just a few sentences on the screen. Here are a few different ways to accomplish this:

  • Do it by time: Start small, if you want. Start with five minutes and increase the time by five minutes a day. In two weeks you’ll be sitting at your desk for about an hour a day. Add more time as you choose.
  • Do it by pages: Start with one paragraph a day and work toward a page a day. If you do only that, by year’s ends you will have written 365 pages.
  • Do it by word count: Plan to write a specific number of words a day. Hemingway wrote around 500 words a day – approximately two pages.
  • Do it by appointment: Treat writing like any other part of your daily routine. Carve out a place – the corner of a room or the kitchen table – and a certain time of each day for writing. Then show up for work.

Again this is something I have to remember to do and not be lazy and post smart-arse comments on Facebook and Twitter and think that this is writing.

I’ve brushed off some hobby-specific blogs and I’m working on them at the moment to stretch the writing muscles a bit, to ensure that I get words down from my mind about a subject in a cohesive manner.

The next step would be to get this writing practice back to writing poetry and fiction, as I have really let that slip.