Cleaning House

This is extremely apt at the moment, as we’ve been going through a huge clear out.

I felt that my possessions were owning me, not the other way round and all had become a mental burden as well as a physical oppression in a small house.

So I’ve been looking at everything I own and if I’ve not used it for two years or I get no use or pleasure from it now it goes. Initially boxed in the loft ready for a car boot sale next year as we continue to review our possessions.

One of the biggest problems I have is I love gadgets, Kindle, iPod, iPhone and an iPad mini. These have all gone now as I’ve got the iPhone 6+ and it covers all the bases that those gadgets were used for.

Another big thing is storage, and I’ve just recently (today) received a cracking set of drawers for my fiftieth birthday (also today) and these now have all my small, useful objects in them.

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