One foot then the other

Does everyone go through the rigmarole of life, one foot in front of the other and only at 2am with a bottle of whiskey in front of them and their day behind them realise the futility of their existence.

Looking back 30 years to the Golden Age of their faded youth, the soundtrack of their loves blaring through the earbuds whilst pouring another golden inch.

Is this the reason for the Citalopram, the panic attacks, the hate and anger?

Or is it clearer than that?

30 wasted years regretting one day, not able to give fully ever again, not wanting to be hurt as much as that ever again. Easier to not care, comfort and familiarity over passion and danger.

Another evening of boredom and regret, looking forward to another day of ennui and familiarity.

Not enough passion to hate, not enough care to leave. One foot then the other into the future.


Wicked Words

Prompt: One of the books in the library glows

A glimmer, a glamour, that’s what it was.

Sparkling words, spiralling worlds.

Both equally fascinating, both equally dangerous.

A crack, just a quick peek, curiosity and the cat be damned.

Silvered edges, golden letters, honeyed words.

Seductive siren call, a bargain from beyond.

Knowledge, insight, offerings from within, worth it?

From the page, looking out, I see you do the same.

Bargains and whispered words, part of the chorus, singing to you.

Inside the book we are all stories waiting to consume the stories of others, two in one out.

Leather and ink, glamour and geas, your life as written.

Fiction Prompts

Have just found a source of some fiction prompts which was what I was looking for 🙂 Will start working through these to give me some ideas for short stories and flash fiction.

I will add more fiction prompts as I find them or think of them for anyone to use 🙂

I found this bunch at Eric J. Krause’s Writing Spot

  • The moon looks big in the sky. A little too big.
  • A minor cut won’t stop bleeding.
  • Something is scratching the inside of your closet door.
  • Your life is on your phone, but you just dropped it into a pit of deadly vipers.
  • Your mouthwash is actually a magic potion.
  • You awaken to find yourself locked in a casket.
  • You trade lives with your cat for a day.
  • The new USB drive you bought came preloaded with a strange secret.
  • Everytime you enter your house, you hear the faint sound of children laughing. You have no children, and none live on your street.
  • Your rich uncle give you the supernatural secret to his fortune.
  • You interact with a ghost that doesn’t know it’s dead.
  • Your new running shoes have a special feature which allows you to run further and faster, but it comes with a unique price.
  • A strange new social movement was actually started by space aliens (or time travelers).
  • One of the books in the library glows.
  • A mummy’s curse falls over an entire town.
  • Your fingernails fall out, but are replaced by retractable claws.
  • An app store lets you download magic spells.
  • Those toy laser guns at the amusement park souvenir stand aren’t toys.
  • Your imagination runs wild – everything you imagine comes true.
  • Your parents reveal a dark family secret.
  • Unbeknownst to you, an alien has been visiting you in your sleep for years.
  • A favorite piece of jewelry is more than it seems.
  • Your favorite childhood storybook comes to life.
  • What in the world is that in your stocking?
  • Santa has a terrible secret that may ruin Christmas.
  • A newborn child can converse in perfect English.
  • The Mayans were right…sort of.
  • The airline didn’t lose your luggage — they changed it into something different.
  • A new app for your phone bends the laws of physics.
  • A patch of quicksand leads to another world.
  • The fireplace leads to a wonderland, but only when it’s lit.
  • An alien society seizes control of your tablet computer.
  • A new app lets you copy your soul and download it into different things.
  • Your pen contains magic ink.
  • A tiny planet declares independence from the intergalactic empire.
  • The heat and humidity begin to melt people. Literally.
  • Days begin to run backwards.
  • Terrorists create an app that instantly kills anyone who downloads it.
  • The scent of a certain rose does strange things to people’s minds.
  • Space aliens built the pyramids.
  • Ancient Atlantis is discovered, and it is a thriving society.
  • A Twitter follower follows you in real life.
  • The Post Office demands more than just a mere stamp to deliver your letter.
  • If a top-secret government computer is shut down, the entire universe is shut down.
  • There’s intelligence in that stray dog’s eyes. Too much intelligence.
  • Your iPod plays a strange song you didn’t load onto it.
  • You turn on the shower and blood pours out of the faucet.
  • You awaken into the world of your favorite novel.
  • There’s a new app available that lets you control minds.
  • A tiny dragon, no bigger than a hummingbird, befriends you.
  • The newest gym craze is exploding exercise bikes: stop peddling and BOOM!
  • A new bottled water on the market doesn’t exactly contain water.
  • The light from a sun in a distant solar system has strange effects on a crew of astronauts.
  • A rabbit-eared television set can control time and space.
  • A radical environmental group starts assassinating smokers.
  • Is that Santa climbing down your chimney…or something else entirely?
  • Your favorite stuffed animal comes to life.
  • A tiny spacecraft crashes through your bedroom window.
  • Gnomes follow you home.
  • A buzzard circles above you.
  • Space aliens knock on your front door.
  • Your dog strikes up a conversation with you.
  • An Internet virus affects your computer in a strange way.
  • You hear a nearby train whistle. There are no railroad tracks anywhere close.
  • The court jester has a sinister gleam in his eyes.
  • You’re alone, but there are footsteps in the hall.
  • You find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • The local zoo displays a real unicorn.
  • There is a monster inside your mattress.
  • A dragon is spotted flying over a distant farm.
  • A shooting star just changed directions.
  • Your favorite video game is actually a training manual for death.

Ripped from the Headlines: part two

Ripped from the Headlines – 365 Writing Prompts E-book

“Head to your favourite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.”

Egyptian referendum day arrives

A long line, snaking along the corridor, and in it Karim was waiting for his turn.

The soldiers were making sure that there was order in the line, Karim knew that nothing untoward would happen here.

They had been waiting for this moment for a long time now, ever since Mohamed Morsi was overthrown by the military.

The line shuffled forward as another person at the front was processed through.

Karim knew that it would be his turn soon as there was only two more in front of him.

Another was processed, this seemed to be getting quicker as the couple at the desk seemed to get used to what they were doing.

It was now Karim’s turn, he knew that the jailers would make his time here difficult for protesting at the military coup and the changes to the society that he and his brotherhood had fought for.

It was now another person’s turn as he was walked through to the cells. It was now another turn at the chance of a non-military government in Egypt, one he would not be part of.



“Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?”

I think there has only been one resolution that I’ve truly kept. Most of the resolutions I’ve made in the past have ended up being a to-do list for the month of January.

I’ve tried them all; stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more… Not one of them worked.

I did eventually stop smoking but not through a New Year’s Resolution but through the use of a rudimentary knowledge of N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I convinced myself that I was a non-smoker, not ‘trying’ to stop smoking. This has only been successful with this habit so far, it seems as though I exhausted my store of will power getting through the trials of nicotine (and habit) withdrawal.

What I’m doing now is forming positive habits rather than focusing on the negative aspects of behaviour.

Writing is one of these where I focused on the negative aspects, I always takes myself down, belittling my capability to express myself in written form. Therefore instead of focusing on this negative aspect and just stating that ‘I resolve to become a better writer!’, I’ve broken the behaviour down into manageable chunks.

The first behaviour to add was to write unedited for twenty minutes every day, no exceptions. This is easy, anyone can write for twenty minutes, getting words down on paper, then going back to polish it if needs be. Far more positive, just get it done, it’s easy.

I decided to use the Seinfeld method to help keep my motivation going. This involves marking off on a large wall calendar when I’ve achieved my daily goal, this develops a run which makes it harder to stop the habit that you want to develop and easier to continue. Look at that, I’ve done it for 20 days in a row… That means I can do it!

Two more behaviours are going to be included on this calendar, in different glittery pen colours :), taking a photo a day and log gin what I eat every day. Neither has anything else attached to it, not to develop a photo project or to lose weight, just to achieve the habits and build some mental muscles in these areas.

Once I’ve formed positive behaviours linked to these areas it becomes possible to add more positive behaviours. This in itself should help remove negative habits from my life as I won’t have the time to keep them up.

Some of the behaviours that I want to develop are:

  • learn Italian
  • learn how to knit
  • learn how to play the guitar

all of these are skill based, all with time commitments attached to them, all with extremely positive outcomes. Again all will be achieved in bite-sized chunks to develop the positive habits sustainably.

The resolution that I’ve kept is simple and very hackneyed… It’s to no longer make New Year resolutions.

Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight

At the stroke of midnight last night I was sitting in the study with a glass of whisky and a slice of Bannock seeing in the New Year.

This was a pause, I was spending the rest of the evening setting up a new domain to carry this blog and setting up the emails and WordPress software on the site.

My partner had gone to bed much earlier, as she always seems to do on a New Year’s eve, leaving me to see it in alone with a glass of whisky.

This is not where I saw myself being when I was younger, I was always going to be something exciting and possibly even dashing. This never came about as I turned out to be very good at not being exciting and especially not dashing.

It’s not a bad place to be, I mainly enjoy my job and partner, though at times always wonder what if? Though don’t we all?

As I reach fifty I’ve started to explore my life more to see what needs to stay and what needs to be developed, or even cut loose as deadweight. Part of this evaluation is to write more, write anything and honestly express myself.

So not exactly where I would like to be but a work in progress with more honesty and less flights of fancy.

Word of the Day

Across at my main blog, Wicked Words, I’ve just added a Word of the Day widget to the sidebar and I am going to try and include that word (and/or it’s synonym) into the daily writing task.

It would be completely reprehensible for me to make such a statement and then not follow it through.

So look forward to my deplorable shoe-horning of random words into my writing.