Some advice (again)

Some advice from Janet Evanovich:

Write something every day, even if it means getting just a few sentences on the screen. Here are a few different ways to accomplish this:

  • Do it by time: Start small, if you want. Start with five minutes and increase the time by five minutes a day. In two weeks you’ll be sitting at your desk for about an hour a day. Add more time as you choose.
  • Do it by pages: Start with one paragraph a day and work toward a page a day. If you do only that, by year’s ends you will have written 365 pages.
  • Do it by word count: Plan to write a specific number of words a day. Hemingway wrote around 500 words a day – approximately two pages.
  • Do it by appointment: Treat writing like any other part of your daily routine. Carve out a place – the corner of a room or the kitchen table – and a certain time of each day for writing. Then show up for work.

Again this is something I have to remember to do and not be lazy and post smart-arse comments on Facebook and Twitter and think that this is writing.

I’ve brushed off some hobby-specific blogs and I’m working on them at the moment to stretch the writing muscles a bit, to ensure that I get words down from my mind about a subject in a cohesive manner.

The next step would be to get this writing practice back to writing poetry and fiction, as I have really let that slip.


Halloween special?

Was wondering what the thoughts would be on an extra issue for Halloween – horror, ghost stories, frights of 2500 words or less?

This could then become one of the regular extra issues focusing on specific genres?

Maybe also have a Space Opera special issue on April 6th to mark the passing of Isaac Asimov?

But one of the biggest possible changes to genres accepted would be a romance/erotica special issue for St. Valentine’s day.

These are all the extras I could think of at the moment but please contact me with ideas 🙂

June comes early



I had a few days free last week to concentrate on formatting and putting together the first issue of Wicked Words Quarterly and lo and behold I was able to get my Kindle Direct Publishing account set up and the first issue published.

It can be found on Amazon – Wicked Words Quarterly – Issue 1 June 2014

Now to concentrate on reading the next 100 submissions for the September Issue and start in on the novellas that have been submitted for the December Issue.

This has been much more of a success than I initially thought it would be and that is thanks to the number and quality of submissions I’ve received.

Thanks for all of them and I look forward to reading more from all of you.

One foot then the other

Does everyone go through the rigmarole of life, one foot in front of the other and only at 2am with a bottle of whiskey in front of them and their day behind them realise the futility of their existence.

Looking back 30 years to the Golden Age of their faded youth, the soundtrack of their loves blaring through the earbuds whilst pouring another golden inch.

Is this the reason for the Citalopram, the panic attacks, the hate and anger?

Or is it clearer than that?

30 wasted years regretting one day, not able to give fully ever again, not wanting to be hurt as much as that ever again. Easier to not care, comfort and familiarity over passion and danger.

Another evening of boredom and regret, looking forward to another day of ennui and familiarity.

Not enough passion to hate, not enough care to leave. One foot then the other into the future.

Wicked Words Issue 1

All the stories for the first edition of Wicked Words Quarterly have now been chosen and I’m in the process of editing and formatting for publication. It still seems to be on track for the 1st of June 2014.

The contributors for the first edition are:

  • Nicole Tanquary’s “In a Tower”
  • Logan Merriweather’s “Pipe Monster”
  • Jason D’Aprile’s “Odin Waits”
  • DJ Cockburn’s “Spookmoth”
  • Deborah Bailey’s “Stranger Has Disconnected”
  • Robin Wyatt Dunn’s “The City of the Wren”
  • Phyllis Green’s “The Diary of Margreth Frogonne”
  • Terri Cross Chetwood’s “Diamondback”
  • Adam Gaylord’s “Mac the Repairman”
  • Mai-Chi Pham’s “Dinner Time”
  • Matthew Barbour’s “The Flicker of Farolitos”
  • J.J. Steinfeld’s “The Old Neighbourhoods of Mars”
  • Maggie Denton’s “2007 OR-10”
  • Tony Peak’s “Dare to Sleep”

The final count of submissions was 242 and this is what made most of the choosing difficult as there were so many good stories to read and it was a great privilege to do so.

Hopefully you will enjoy these stories when they are released in less than a months time as much as I’ve enjoyed compiling them.

Inscribemedia Short Story Competition

A Darlington-based company runs a monthly short story competition.

There is no set theme and works have to be 2000 words or under.

Why not give it a try!

Less than a month left…

The deadline for submissions to the first issue of Wicked Words Quarterly closes on April 1st 2014, so if you haven’t yet submitted anything for me to consider get it in soon 🙂

I’ve been really pleased with both the quality and quantity of submissions, 140 submissions of great writing across all the genres that were asked for. This makes it really difficult to choose which seven or so stories to include out of that great selection.

I do try to make the rejections personal but with so many submissions that can be hard at times, so please don’t be disappointed with what has been written as I have enjoyed reading all the stories.

Hopefully I will be able to sort out more emails this week, and if you have received a rejection and have other work to submit please do.

Again thanks for the enthusiasm and quality of the writing that you’ve all submitted, looking forward to publishing in June and seeing what people think of my selections.