Cleaning House

This is extremely apt at the moment, as we’ve been going through a huge clear out.

I felt that my possessions were owning me, not the other way round and all had become a mental burden as well as a physical oppression in a small house.

So I’ve been looking at everything I own and if I’ve not used it for two years or I get no use or pleasure from it now it goes. Initially boxed in the loft ready for a car boot sale next year as we continue to review our possessions.

One of the biggest problems I have is I love gadgets, Kindle, iPod, iPhone and an iPad mini. These have all gone now as I’ve got the iPhone 6+ and it covers all the bases that those gadgets were used for.

Another big thing is storage, and I’ve just recently (today) received a cracking set of drawers for my fiftieth birthday (also today) and these now have all my small, useful objects in them.

Sunday Summary, 2nd February

Most of the week has been taken up with sorting out my tax return at about as last a moment as I have had to do so. It was pleasing this year as I have finally made a profit after three years of putting myself out there.

I have made loads of notes and ideas on how to be more organised next year, which I know I will reiterate come January 30th 2015.

A lot of the rest of the week I’ve been reading and writing for my assignment with the Open University, so though I haven’t written much for my own goals I have still been doing a lot of writing.

Today whilst writing the assignment itself I discovered that writing poetry when I was having a break really helped focus when I came back to writing my assignment, started at 0 words today and finished with 1500 crafted words out of 3000.

Writing done:
Three poems, one was a Haiku one was a Landays and the last was a reflection on heartbreak.

Books read:
Glass Gods by Kate Griffin

Writing Flash Fiction by Khalid Al Hariri

Books started:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Prompts responded to:
I used a photograph to respond to a Daily Prompt, the theme was Age.